Sector Platforms


Animal Production

Botswana farmers association will be a platform to facilitate affiliate members to share knowledge and skills in the animal production sector, as well as bring to the fore, concerns, positions, contributions and issues to be integrated into an offering for researchers, advisors and farmers for future transformation activities.      

The Botswana farmers association will organize workshops in the animal production sector to disseminate knowledge and skills to farmers and support the adoption of acquired techniques to enhance improved farming practices at the production site.   

We will facilitate market access for small holder farmers, in the cattle, goats, sheep, piggery sectors etc, through direct marketing and sharing information with stakeholders and food processing Industries.


Main objectives

Botswana farmers association will advance the development of traditional practices of beekeeping through smart agriculture to achieve a more sustainable blend of practice as well as assure a sustainable source of income.

The association will also lobby and be a platform to create awareness of the need to combat practices that damage the environment and are harmful to bee colonies.

Specific objectives
  • To be a platform for discussions and to exchange ideas on how to improve the health and vitality of bees and to further develop beekeeping standards.
  • To promote smart beekeeping through local and International forums such as workshops, seminars and conferences.
  • To enhance the awareness of beekeeping and its impact in smart agriculture. (plant pollination, income generation.)
  • To launch developmental strategies for the smart agricultural beekeeping sector. (study, research, concepts, implementation plans, monitor and control etc.)



Aquaculture is a developing sector involving farmers worldwide and producing a wide range of aquatic species including fish, seaweeds and bivalves – in line with smart agricultural principles. The demand for farmed fish is forever increasing as industry expands with the rivers and sea getting contaminated, we therefore need to show and adopt better ways to farming, in consideration to the health of animals, water quality and human health.

We Aim To:

  • Develop valuable and sustainable aqua systems.
  • Maintain and enhance water quality and water resources.
  • Promote good animal welfare and respect the needs of all aquatic life.
  • Foster biodiversity and protect sensitive habitants.
  • Maximize the use of renewable resources and recycling.
  • Minimize pollution and waste


Botswana farmers association will remain a self-organized structure within the main Continental structure that will focus its efforts in the Southern African Region in both Animal and arable farming. This will facilitate a relationship allowing us to consult, cooperate and eventually to speak with one legitimate common voice on matters of common concern, to lobby changes in National Policies for the betterment of agricultural outcomes.

Short term objectives

  • To establish a network of chairpersons and deputies from grass roots upwards with a mandate, who can give the full consent of the existing associations in each District.
  • Chairpersons are to facilitate a relationship between the farmers associations and the umbrella association, Botswana farmers association.
  • Each commodity association will maintain a staff members committee which will be responsible for external relations to the umbrella body as mandated by staff members.


The seeds platform is to create and share knowledge amongst the wider network of farmers and expert organization, to provide alternative and improved seed grades. In doing so we will provide valuable inputs and contributions to the discussions towards improved plant and animal breeds and the quality yields based on existing know-how and Technology.

We will establish farmers and breeders’ institutions and civil society actors that are committed to producing seeds compatibly to suit the required standards. The platform will be instrumental to serve as a hub to distribute information on existing products and to create awareness on the varieties as well as share success stories.

Keys to strengthening seed plant and animal breeding will be

  • How to improve the use of different seeds and breeds in farming methods
  • Create a model in dealing with intellectual property rights in agriculture
  • Selecting seeds and breeds that suit different regions, considering the environmental and societal norms.
  • Revitalizing seeds and breeding methods that are underutilized by conventional methods.
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